Why Choose The Project Guy?

There are lots of guys around with a toolbox and some know-how. Why pick me? Here are just a few reasons:

1. I work alone Most of the time for the projects I specialize in, it’s a big advantage to have just one guy, working full bore – without extras standing around waiting to run to the truck for a tool or a washer. For jobs beyond that,  I know when to say “No”. Sometimes I’ll use an available helper to assist with the project … which leads to Reason #2 …

2. You’re welcome to help or watch I’m glad to work alongside you, the customer – to save time and money, and simply to make certain jobs do-able.  Many customers call me when they realize they’re in over their head – just for moral support, expertise or for my arsenal of tools needed for a job. So I’m glad to have you help, watch or just turn me loose.

3. Children and pets never bother me! People often apologize for the children or dogs/cats being in the way. It’s hardly ever the case – I always enjoy both! If they’re inquisitive and willing to learn, I welcome their questions and may put them to work!

4. Multiple skill-sets with one call From this website, I receive lots of “Honey-do” lists. Lists often include a mixed bag like “Replace bathroom faucet”, “add dimmer switch”, “deadbolt at garage” and “flood bulbs on backyard security lights”. How many calls could that involve? And what’s the hourly rate of each of those specialists?

5.  Explanations in layman’s English  I always try to give clear explanations of what your project will involve, and options as needed. Somewhere between tuxedo quality and t-shirt economy is the choice you’ll pick so your home project is done in the way that suits you. My job is to make all your choices clear so you’re 100% satisfied when I’m done.

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