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Got to teach a couple of teenage sons how to put ceiling fans together and hang them

Teaching teenage sons how to put ceiling fans together and hang them

HANDI-COACH       In many homes I’m greeted warmly, and presented with a list of simple projects that have just become too aggravating to endure any longer. Often as I tick through the list, they’ll say something like, “You make it look so easy, I probably could learn to do that myself …”  Absolutely right! AND – since I love teaching as much as I love doing, I’ve landed on the idea of Handi-Coach to help you achieve an even higher level of satisfaction when you can say, “Look what I DID MYSELF!”

Even got Mom in on the action (and fun!)

Even got Mom in on the action (and fun!)

Yesterday Nick was about to head off to college, but learned in a few hours how to change all the bathroom faucets in their house – six of them (did the last one himself!) Today two sons helped put together three new ceiling fans! Most of the kinds of things I do could easily be taught in about the same time I’d do it myself, BUT with the added benefit to YOU of confidence and that incredible sense of accomplishment.

HANDI-COACH Possibilities …

  • Doorknobs / Deadbolts
  • Storm Doors
  • Hinges
  • Light Fixtures / Chandeliers
  • Switches / Dimmers
  • Receptacles
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Weatherstripping
  • Attic Ladder
  • Chair Rail
  • Crown/base Moulding
  • Air / Furnace Filters
  • Hang Pictures / Décor / Mirrors
  • Garbage Disposal – fix / replace
  • Sink – caulk, replace, etc.
  • Faucet – fix, replace
  • Clogged Drains
  • Toilet problems, replace
  • Doorbell / button
  • Doors – adjust, shave
  • Rescreen doors / windows
  • Caulk windows, sinks, counters
  • Blinds – hang
  • Curtains, draperies, brackets installed
  • Closet / Garage shelves
  • Towel rods / rings, TP holder
  • Floating shelves
  • Toilet parts, flush valve, wax ring
  • Cabinet knobs / pulls
  • Ceramic tile / vinyl (small areas)
  • Door closers
  • Framing stud walls
  • Bi-fold close/pantry doors
  • Hang / replace doors
  • Assemble IKEA etc. furniture
  • Shower head, trim kits
  • Gates and latches – fix, adjust …

Don’t feel limited to these few ideas – if in doubt – CALL or EMAIL!