Warehouse Bathroom Floor


display78This industrial warehouse bathroom floor was a real challenge – especially while all the machinists had to detour to the ladies’ room!

Before and After Photos

display77 display78
The old rotten floor had to come up until the dirt was showing – then new floor joists, flooring, new vinyl tile, trim and caulk the perimeter. These things take time … They didn’t believe it was the same room when I let them back in!

Project Snapshots

display79 display80
You really had to see this floor BEFORE to understand the miracle that took place. This manufacturing plant in an old warehouse had a bathroom floor that was sinking into the dirt. My challenge: recreate it STURDY and great-looking. The old floor came out until the dirt was staring back at me. Then new floor joists …
display81 … and new flooring, then new vinyl sheet tile. Shoe molding and caulk the edges … VOILA!


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