Happy Customers Say …

I’ve never asked for referrals or plugs of any kind – these actual unsolicited comments are from real customers. They are used here by permission …

Sandra Burke   Completed a long list of household items, including the installation of a ceiling fan, hanging 12 – 14 pictures and mirrors in various rooms of the house, repositioning of closet shelves, repair of a piano stool, hanging wall cabinets in various rooms, repairing  the deck floor, installing grab bars in the shower and MUCH MORE! I’m often hesitant to give too glowing a review on Angie’s List, for fear that the reader will not believe me if I am too complimentary.  But in this case, I must say nothing but the best about the Project Guy!  How I wish I had found him when I first moved to the Charlotte area, but I’m certainly glad I finally did.  

Sharon Robb  Wood shelving built in unfinished basement – drywall one wall. Responsive and Punctual for quote – availability excellent. Arrived on time – completed work in one day – shelving was exactly as discussed -excellent and professional work – start to finish. Professional – confident – capable. Hire with confidence!

Debbie Oliver  I had faded shutters on my house. Another company on Angie’s list quoted me over the phone without even coming out and they were 10 X’s higher. The Project Guy came out looked at all the shutters and said he could match the stain without having to do all the shutters. He removed the shutters and returned them a few days later. They look great and match the remaining shutters we did not restain. Great work at a reasonable price. I will use him again!

Lynne Koontz  I needed to have a toilet fixed that was running and I had a huge shade installed. He fixed a toilet and installed a 107″ shade in my kitchen. He is very nice, prompt and his prices are reasonable.  I will have him back when I have more projects. Painting, installing a medicine cabinet, installing grab bars   I originally hired him to install a grab bar in a shower, but when I saw that he painted, I had him come back to paint a small bathroom. He did both jobs well, and was reasonable priced. He charges by the hour and he does not dawdle. I had him come in to take down a bathroom wall mirror and put up a medicine cabinet. He also installed a couple of mirrors for me. He is always polite and professional, which I appreciate.

Gerry Smith  Job was to install a vent from an over range microwave to the outside and then install a new microwave. This required cutting a 2’x2 ‘ opening in the wall, partially removing a stud and boxing in an opening for the new vent and cutting a hole through the vinyl siding; then installing the vent and a sheet rock patch over the interior wall opening.   Due to the installation of a new gas range, I needed the over range microwave to vent to the outside. The Project Guy, arrived on time, worked in a timely and efficient manner and completed the job as promised. The job required evaluating potential solutions on the fly. He asked me if I agreed with his suggestions before he proceeded. I found him to be very competent, friendly and cooperative. He has a fully equipped truck with the required tools.  I’m happy to have found someone close by who can help me catch up on projects from time to time. I intend to use him again.

Mark Pearce  A slow leak under our kitchen sink resulted in the particle board flooring to become water logged, ruined and smelly.  Brian showed up at the agreed upon time and did a FANTASTIC job repairing flooring.  The price he charged was very fair.  I’m confident that other unscrupulous handymen would have charged much more and not taken the time to do the job correctly.  He is very “old fashioned” in that if his name is associated with the job, there will be no compromise in quality.  Guys like him are rare these days. I highly recommend him. The work was meticulous. He then covered the flooring with tiled, vinyl floor covering. It looks great.

David Simpson   Replacement of front door; installation of storm door.  He did a great job working with a slightly non-standard opening. He kept me informed as work progressed. Great experience from start to finish! Great value: professional work, without trying to get me to do unnecessary things. We had to use the existing door frame, instead of the pre-hung frame, due to transom above the door. 

George and Sandy Murphy  The Project Guy replaced the kitchen sink that was leaking. He’s put in fans, he’s fixed the popped up siding and stuff like that. I’ve used him a lot of times. He’s very good. I would recommend him to other people. My son used him and he was very happy with him. He does all small jobs. His price is great. If something goes wrong and if it takes him longer and if he feels it’s a learning experience for him, he won’t charge the extra. He’s a great guy. I would use him again in the future.

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