REAL Home Improvement


The Project Guy Story

I love my work – fixing and improving people’s homes. After ten years on the job, I’ve met some incredible folks, so diverse that my wife loves to hear about my day when I get home.

Run down shackThere are all kinds of homes. Some are small and simple, others are huge and lavish. (I didn’t do this remodeling if you’re wondering!) Some are well taken care of, but others are neglected in a variety of ways. That always takes its toll, eventually causing things to fall apart, leak or just not be much fun to live in any longer.mansion 2

Exterior and interior   People’s lives are the same. Some look beautiful on the outside, but are pretty sad and empty from minimal maintenance in the areas that really matter. Others that may not be impressive to look at, but are full of beautiful qualities that draw others in for a rich experience.

Your biggest investment   There’s a lot at stake in caring for the house you live in. Some things won’t wait, or will deteriorate when ignored. Cracks in the foundation of your life are even more serious, and only get worse if neglected.

Disclaimer – I do a wide variety of projects and repairs, but I can’t do everything. I know my limits. Everyone has “life limits” too – things you can handle on your own, and things that call for outside help. Where do you turn when that happens in your relationships, family, finances or personal problems? I’d like to offer a solution that has worked for me for more than 44 years.

Referrals – I know several reliable folks with expertise in certain areas that I don’t have. They’re the names I pass on when I’m faced with drywall, roofing and other problems. For any kind of life issues, there’s only one place I turn: Jesus Christ. In 1969 He proved to me that He is God’s Son, the One who created me and knows best how to keep my life running well. He’s the only One you need for any kind of life repair project you face.

Pricing and payment – Can you imagine if a person offered to pay for a complete renovation of someone else’s  home, but that home owner did not avail himself of that free offer? Christ offers to make us completely new – at his expense – yet many, like that home-owner, choose not to accept His free gift of forgiveness and life.

Warranty – The promise God makes to you is as rock-solid as God Himself, so you can count on Him to keep His end of the deal even when you drop the ball. He has all the time and patience in the world to complete what He started when He made you and began to love you unconditionally.

Sign here – The Bible explains how easy it is to begin the process of “life overhaul.” It’s a matter of acknowledging your need of His help – admitting that you can’t save or even help yourself. Surrender the rest to Him in prayer, and let Him do what only He can do.

• ALL have sinned and need God – Romans 3:23

• BELIEVE in Christ – only He can save you – Acts 4:12

• CONFESS your faith in Christ alone – 1 John 1:9

grandchildren dec13

Here’s my wife, Judy, and I with our eleven grandchildren.
They’re a wonderful blessing for which I thank God every day
(our three grown children live in the area with their families)

     My own “heart renovation” began with a decision at age 17 to invite Jesus Christ to direct my life. Now 44 years later, I have a great sense of accountability for all that I’ve been given in life. The treasures and truths I’ve learned along the way compel me to give back in several specific ways. It’s a great feeling to help others get their lives, marriages and families on solid footing when something vital is missing.

      After a near-fatal injury in November 2003, I’ve felt like my life was loaned back to me for something special. So, as much as I love building and fixing things around the house, the bottom line for me is having a chance to share with others some keys to REAL “life renovation” – help from God’s Word. Yes, the Bible is the Ultimate Home Improvement Manual.