Contact The Project Guy

Here’s the best way to get started! Provide full name, phone(s) and email, where you live and when you’re available – a huge help with scheduling! List and briefly describe your various projects. Because a picture is worth 1,000 words, you can even attach photos at the end (less than 2 Mb size please) to show what you need (with dimensions and description as needed.) Email pictures separately if necessary from your phone to after you’ve completed and sent the form below. Indicate materials or parts you have on hand or will need me to provide.

NOTE – I do INDOOR work – NOT:  Wood rod repair/replacement • Drywall / sheetrock repairs or finishing • Outdoor painting • Roofing of any kind • Under-house work • Fences of any kind • Gutter cleaning or repairs • Deck staining or repairs • Pressure washing • Ceramic floor tile • Faucet repair (only replacement)

Once I’ve received your form I’ll contact you to discuss your projects and make a plan. I work within a 20-mile radius – use this link to confirm if I service your location.

ALSO:  As explained on the Pricing Made Simple page: I work strictly by the hour at $65/hr. with 2-hr. minimum ($130) plus any materials required. I can’t guess at time required or itemize cost for various job lists. I want you to get your money’s worth, but I’m not able to adjust this for shorter jobs, so fill up the time!


  • Add a photo or two of if it will help me visualize what you need. **Please wait a few moments for your photos to upload after hitting submit.**